One Family’s Denver Christian Experience

One day, I just woke up and felt that I needed all of my children in a different environment. I really didn’t know where, but I could feel God’s spirit tugging at me! So, I visited Denver Christian School (DCS) and immediately could sense that this was where I was being led. We have three children attending DC, Paxton a 2nd grader, Parker a junior and Lexy a senior. DC has been such a blessing! I couldn’t imagine a better place for my children to be, all day, every day!

DC has an incredibly loving, kind and caring staff and administration. As a parent, what more can you ask for that your children are loved and truly cared for in an environment where learn by example?

I took a gamble moving my older children, because as most people know, it gets harder as they get older. But I have to say, listening to my spirit and making this decision has been very rewarding. I feel like God is hugging me for listening because our children are now more at peace and filled with joy.   We have noticed such an improvement in their spirit towards academics, social friendships, and everything else that makes for a wonderful high school experience. This warms my heart.

We are incredibly grateful for everyone at DC for putting their arms around our family and providing such an extraordinary environment for our children to learn, love, serve and grow. The difference is that the DC culture stays with our children, it comes home with them and it travels with them, it’s a mission in motion!

But don’t take my word for it, my son Parker was so moved by his experience this year, he wanted to let DCS know himself:

Culture shock can either be a bad or a good thing. In my case, it was very good. I have moved in and out of about 14 houses in my life, and 8 different schools, and 3 different states. My entire life had been filled with culture shock, but this year, by far, has been the biggest culture shock I have ever experienced. This year is when I changed schools again for the 8th time, but it was by far the best time. I changed between two different schools. Both Christian schools, both private schools, but at the same time, they couldn’t have been anymore different! I won’t name the school I came from, but let’s just say I am surprised they call themselves a Christian school. Every day, not ONE prayer was said. Every day, was a constant struggle to be the best or even be average socially. Every day, kids would brag about what they got the day before or weekend before, like being materialistic was very important to them or something of that nature. It was a constant battle to become someone who everyone liked instead of being yourself. It was a constant battle to dodge the upper classmen who try to tackle you in the hallway every time you walk by. But my new school, no, no it is much different than my old school. My new school has the most kind teachers and students you have ever met in your life! Everyone is so encouraging and no one is out to tackle you or judge you on how you behave or look like. Every day, we say at least TWO prayers and maybe even more than that some days. Every day, there is no constant struggle to compete for the “Top Dog” spot in the school because there is no top dog spot! Everyone loves everyone for just the way they are! I owe my parents and the school faculty a huge thank you for letting me come to this school, it was the best culture shock ever!

So you see, you’ve made such a difference in all of our lives!!

With profound respect and gratitude,

Jenny and Paul D.